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Why You Should Extend Your Security Beyond the Home

When it comes to home security, many people just focus on securing their homes, and for good reason. Our home is where we spend most of our time, and where we could feel the most need to be prepared. But this mindset tends to leave other parts of our property–from the fence to the backyard shed or patio–vulnerable. Here are our reasons why you should extend your security beyond the home.

Why Your Should Extend Your Security Beyond the Home

Sheds and patios are two places that homeowners might overlook, but they can pose a threat to you and your home. Sheds are a weak link because they are typically further away from the house, which means that it takes more time to notice something amiss. In addition, enclosed patios are often left unlocked or are secured with a weak lock because there might not be any valuables in the patio. But burglars can easily hide in your patio and wait until the house is empty in order to break in, or take furniture from the patio.

How can you make sure you’re covering all your bases? We recommend:

  • Adding motion-sensor lights on your shed, patio, and a fence to deter burglars from hiding in blind spots.
  • Locking your shed or patio with a strong lock to protect valuables (such as expensive lawn equipment) from theft.
  • Covering windows on a shed or a patio with curtains, so burglars cannot peer through and see your valuables or study your home’s vulnerable spots.
  • Clean up the yard and make sure that nothing in your yard or on your property can help a burglar get into the house (such as a ladder or tools for breaking into your home).

At Advanced Home Systems, we can help you secure your entire property, not just your home. To learn more about our services and how we can keep you and your property safe, contact us.

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