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Three Top Trends in Smart Home Security

Three Top Trends in Smart Home Security

When it comes to home security, many people are looking towards devices and systems that can be integrated with their smartphone or automated independently. With smart home appliances rapidly growing in popularity, it’s important to know which trends can fit best with a great security system. Here are some of the most-wanted features when it comes to smart home security.

1. Zone-based thermostats: In addition to smart thermostats that can heat or cool your home with your smartphone, zone-based thermostats can automate the process even more. With a built-in motion detector, the thermostat will only heat or cool occupied rooms, which allows for more efficient heating and cooling where and when it matters.

2. Automated door locks: Having a secure lock is the first physical defense against burglars, but what’s the point of a dead bolt when you forget to engage it? Automated door locks are a great smart gadget to retrofit a home because they allow you to ensure a secure lock-up whether you’re around the corner or across the country. It can also allow for quick entry into a home when carrying bags instead of juggling for keys.

3. Automated home control: Homeowners want more and more smart hubs that will allow them to control features in their home, from room temperature to alarm activation. Fortunately, Advanced Home Systems is on the cutting edge of technology in creating a smart home and provides an automated home control system that will allow you to adjust and set your security alarms, HVAC systems, lights, and more. In addition, our complete security service that provides 24/7 monitoring and fast response time will be there in the event that a smart gadget–like your door lock–fails or is hacked.

Overall, creating a smart home can be a great asset to one’s safety and security, when it is properly installed and integrated into your home and security system. For one of the best systems in Texas that can give you what your budding smart home needs, contact us.

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