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Systems for Home Control

Home control systems are the residential extension of commercial building automation systems. The systems may include centralized control of climate (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances and lighting, entertainment systems as well as home security. The systems may even include houseplant lighting, pet feeding, and yard watering. In the near future, systems may include control of domestic robots. These over-all control systems are designed for the ultimate in convenience as well as energy efficiency and safety.

Complete home control systems are made possible because of the expanding internet of things. Each appliance and electronic control in the home may be equipped with its own IP (internet) address connected to its control systems. Therefore everything in the home control system can be visible and addressable on the internet and can be controlled by a cell phone, tablet, or pc at any internet location.

Systems for Home Control

Advanced home control systems allow appliances and environmental systems to integrate among themselves, addressing each other and adjusting timing or functions. Home theaters may control lighting, for instance. Sensors in the ground may control watering schedules.

Home control systems are expandable and customized to match individual needs. Some people just want a single remote control for their home theater, one that controls, input media, picture, sound and perhaps room lighting. Others want a more robust central control that may include video monitoring of the space around the home or even different rooms.

As your needs develop, controllers can be added to additional systems and the control can be configured to include them. To start, many people just want home theater or family room controls. They may add a security system, then expand to include environmental controls. It all depends on preferences and budgets.

Advanced Home Systems have been providing advanced security and home automation systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1985. Please contact us for more information.

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