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Protect Your Home With 24-Hour Monitoring

These days, you simply can’t be too careful. Whether we like it or not, that’s a fact and it isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. Security systems are a common item for homeowners, but how many of those residents consider 24-hour monitoring?

Protect Your Home With 24 Hour Monitoring

Many criminals take the time to plan their schemes and hit homes strategically when the owners are out. Unfortunately, we see more and more criminals that seem to lack that degree of organization. Drug use is rampant, and that alone can cause a rise in crime in ways we’ve not seen before. Because of this, both homes and vehicles are being infringed upon while the owners themselves are not far away.

Setting up 24-hour monitoring for you home can mean that you will have peace of mind around the clock. Systems normally self-diagnose daily and can issue alerts in instances of low batteries, AC power failure, fuse problems, siren failure and more.

Advanced Home Systems has been in business since 1985, so we’ve seen the trends change. We’ve also changed with those trends and now offer the most state of the art monitoring systems available. Today, our product offerings are vastly different from what they were when our company started. We remain dedicated to leading at the cutting edge of technology and offering you “quality you can count on”!

For more information, or to set up an appointment, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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