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Security Monitoring Services

Base Monitoring Service, $21.95 per mo.

Advanced Home Systems Base Monitoring Service includes daily 24 hour monitoring of your premises for burglar alarms, panic alarms, fire alarms, environmental sensors and maintenance alarms. Upon sensing a problem the alarm control panel will attempt to call the monitoring center using your phone line and report the condition. Capabilities vary according to the equipment you have installed. Most systems self diagnose daily for problems such as low battery, loss of A.C. power, fuse problem, siren failure, etc. and will automatically report problems. The monitoring station will receive a test signal weekly from the security system to verify communications.

Security Monitoring Services

Upgrade Services

Add Upgrade Service fee to Base Monitoring Service Fee. Some systems may require additional equipment for these services, call for a quote.

  • Wireless Communications, $8.00 – If you have no wired phone line that’s no problem.We can add a GSM cellular radio for a small additional fee and monitor your home wirelessly.
  • Mobile Phone Access, $4.00 – Control you security system from your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Requires Wireless Communications service.
  • 2 Way Voice, $10.00 – With 2 way voice the monitoring station can talk to you through built in speakers in your home when the alarm goes off. This is a great feature for anyone with limited mobility or for homes without a home phone.

Notification Services

Add Notification Service fee to Base Monitoring Service fee.

  • Text Notification, $4.00 – With this service you will receive a text on your phone anytime your alarm system is tripped or detects a trouble condition.
  • Email Notification, $4.00 – With this service you will receive an email anytime your alarm system is tripped or detects a trouble condition.
  • Arm/Disarm Reports, $10.00 – The monitoring station will keep a log of each time the alarm is turned on or off, the user, the time and date and a weekly report will be emailed to you. As an option you can be notified in real time via text or email of each individual Arm/Disarm activity.

Feature specific equipment may be required for an additional cost. We have a 24-hour monitoring “hotline” number for 24-hour emergency telephone assistance. Visual deterrents such as window warning decals and yard signs are provided at no charge. Monitoring plans may be paid quarterly or annually via invoice, ACH or credit card draft. All rates quoted are the monthly fee, sales tax not included. All Upgrade Services and Notification Services are in addition to the basic fee. Availability of all  services is dependent upon the capabilities of your system.