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Multi-Screen Is A Hot Trend in Home Theatre

Trends in Home Theater have been quickly evolving over recent years, mostly due to the proliferation of high-definition screens of all shapes and sizes. Big screen televisions got much cheaper about a decade ago and the advent of tablets and smartphones have added a level of multitasking to the home theater experience. This has all led to what most industry experts agree is the hottest current trend in home theater, which is best described as “Multi-Screen Media Immersion.”

Multi-Screen Is A Hot Trend in Home Theatre

It appears that bigger screen size isn’t necessarily as important as multiple screens for the home theater enthusiast of today. This idea also isn’t as simple as it may sound. There are various configurations to consider when choosing a multi-screen environment in your media room.

One configuration is perhaps the closest thing you can get to a traditional home theater setup, which involves two or more flat panel televisions on the same front-facing wall. It’s a particularly good setup for the football fan who wants to watch his favorite team on the big screen while keeping an eye on his fantasy players on a smaller screen. Of course, another excellent application for this model is the use of one main viewing screen, while having additional screens for tablet or smartphone powered social media usage and Internet surfing.

Another popular configuration for multi-screen mania is having screens on multiple walls in the same media room. This works well in a party atmosphere where there could be different groups that want to stay together enjoying conversation and refreshments but want different available viewing choices. This may sound like sensory overload, but really with the right professional setup and the right state of the art equipment, this can be a great way to take part in the plethora of viewing choices available on broadcast television, broadband channels, streaming choices, and more.

One particularly unique option for a multi-screen home theater arrangement is having one flat panel television that gets covered up by a very large projection screen for prime-time event viewings of movies, sports events, and more. It can provide an especially pleasing crowd visual when the projection screen covers its diminutive companion underneath.

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