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Multi-Room Audio and Video Allows the Freedom to Choose

Multi-Room Audio and Video Allows the Freedom to Choose

If you have members of your household that loves listening to music and watching movies but never can decide who gets to choose, a multi-room audio and video system gives your family the freedom to enjoy what each person wants to watch and hear.

For instance, you may want to listen to jazz in your bedroom or during dinner while your son would rather hear hard rock in his room. You can even choose your device to listen with such as Pandora in your daughter’s room and your favorite music on your iPod or Smartphone while you’re in a different room.

Of course, when it comes to video, you have the same options, which are many.

How it works is that there is a receiver that powers outputs to different amplifiers. Then you have a source that can be whatever you choose such as an iPod, DVD player, CD player, or Blu-Ray player. Your sources are only limited by how many ports are on the receiver. Controls, speakers, and a modulator are also included in the set up but basically, your family can now listen to or watch what they want.

There are wireless and wired options and this will depend on what is best for your home set-up. For instance, a brand new home being built can more easily hide wiring while an older home may be best to opt for a wireless system.

No matter what type of multi-room audio and video set-up you choose, if you have questions simply contact us so we can answer any questions you have.

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