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Home Security Steps to Secure Your Home

Home Security Steps to Secure Your HomeSetting up an effective method of home security can be done without a large financial investment. Today, we would like to suggest these simple ways to protect your home, your family, and the things that you work so hard to attain.

  1. Doors are the most obvious points of entry.  Install a deadbolt lock on every exterior entrance. A surface-mounted type deadbolt is the easiest to install and generally provides very strong protection. A cylinder deadbolt is also common and very effective. Cylinder deadbolts are available in two styles. A single cylinder locks with a thumb turn inside and a key turn outside. A double cylinder locks with a key inside and out. Both can be strengthened by a reinforcing strike plate installed in the door jamb.  When correctly installed with 3″ screws, a strike plate can reduce the chances of a door being kicked in or pried open.
  2. Windows are another vulnerable entry point. Install keyed locks into window sashes to delay or discourage any would-be criminal. Cacti planted in front of windows can also be a good deterrent.
  3. Use outdoor lighting to your advantage. Of all the electronic security equipment available, lights with passive infrared sensors, or PIRs, are one of the most effective AND inexpensive deterrents. These sensors detect movement and activate a home’s exterior lighting, thus alerting residents of unusual commotion. While PIR sensors are included in some models of floodlight fixtures, they are also sold separately at most home-improvement stores, and can be mounted virtually anywhere to monitor any area.
  4. Consider the installation of a state of the art security and alarm system. Advanced Home Systems is committed to giving you the right security system at a price point you will feel comfortable with.

As a homeowner, you have worked hard for your home, your possessions, and your loved ones. Protect them with these simple home improvements. Contact us to learn more about the right security and alarm system for your needs.

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