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Advantages of Residential Security Systems

dsc-3g3070Residential Security Systems provide the peace of mind you and your family deserve and allow you to rest easily knowing that you are protected from invaders. While keeping your family safe is the most important function of a security system, installing a security system has several other advantages.

Deters crime  

Thieves want to reduce the likelihood of being caught, so they usually prey on unprotected homes. Having a home security system tells a thief that you are protected, encouraging them to find an easier target.

Protecting your entire home

In order to keep a low profile, thieves often enter a home through an attached garage or basement window. A home security systems protects these entrances, meaning that no matter where a thief tries to enter your home an alarm will alert the authorities.

Protecting your most important possessions

Thieves often get away and even when they are caught, police may not be able to recover all your valuables. While things like televisions or computers are relatively easy to replace, family heirlooms such as jewelry or antiques are irreplaceable. A home security system reduces the chance of an invasion and protects these irreplaceable items.

Lowering home insurance costs

Insurance companies recognize the effectiveness of home security systems.  The presence of a home security system reduces the likelihood of an invasion and thus reduces the chance of a home insurance claim. Since this saves the insurance company money, many companies offer a discount for homes with a home security system.

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