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5 Wireless Home Security Advantages

Since security systems began being installed in houses we have seen an exponential growth in technology. Our TVs are thinner, our lights last for 15 years, and our phones which were, at one point, wired to the walls are now carried with us in our pockets. It only makes sense that the security system would evolve with the rest of the house. Now there are many options for home security including whole home wireless options. If you are on the fence about wired and wireless options, check out these 5 wireless home security advantages.

5 Wireless Home Security Advantages

Easy Installation

Whether you are installing it yourself or having it done professionally, there is an advantage to easier installation. It is faster than a wired set up which means that it will cost less to install. Wireless installation is also less intrusive so you don’t have to worry about putting holes in walls or running long wires through the walls.

Perfect for Renters

A wireless system is a perfect way for renters to have peace of mind. Since you are not changing the infrastructure of the house you don’t need to worry about violating any rules set forth by the landlord.

Newest Technology

A wireless system all but promises the newest technology available. This means features like smart home connectivity as well as state of the art sensors. Wireless security devices also make it easier to upgrade to newer models as they become available.

Less Vulnerable

Traditional wired systems have many vulnerabilities that wired systems don’t have. They are easier to disarm and can go offline with power outages or problems with the phone line. While no system is completely secure, newer wireless systems do everything they can to ensure their reliability.

Security and Peace of Mind

Of course, the biggest advantage to a wireless home security system is the security and peace of mind that a security system brings. You and your family will sleep better at night in a home that is under protection.

These are just a few of the many advantages of a wireless system, there are too much more to count. If you have more questions or if you are ready to install your wireless security system please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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