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4 Benefits of Having a Monitored Security System

4 Benefits of Having a Monitored Security SystemOne of the most common questions we receive from clients is why having a monitored security system is important. While each homeowner will have his or her reasons for installing a system, there are several common factors. Here are four benefits of having a monitored security system.

Benefit #1: Protect Personal Belongings

Probably the most obvious benefit to having a monitored home security system is that it helps protect personal belongings by deterring would-be thieves. Thieves do not like to have to work hard to get into a home. If an alarm is going off and they know that attention is being drawn to their actions, they are less apt to stick around to see if law enforcement shows up.

Benefit #2: Enhanced Protection Against Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Many home security systems even offer protection against fire and carbon monoxide. Some systems include built-in alarms that tie into your smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors to alert your family when there’s a deadly issue. In addition, most will contact the fire department on your behalf to help cut down on response time and alert the authorities if you aren’t home.

Benefit #3: Lower Home Insurance Costs

Another benefit of having a monitored system is the opportunity for lower home insurance costs. Most carriers offer a substantial benefit—up to twenty percent in most cases—for dwellings that have a professionally installed security setup. Of course, this discount depends on your exact insurance company and/or area, so it is important to check with them directly to determine how much you could save.

Benefit #4: Added Peace of Mind

One more great benefit of having a security system is added peace of mind. By having this type of system installed in your home, you can sleep soundly knowing your family is protected twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Of course, there are a multitude of other reasons to have a security system installed in your home—including the ability to view security cameras off-site and remotely access lights and other appliances. To learn more or to receive a no-obligation estimate, please contact us today.

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